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Lowell Celebrates Kerouac & presents
Jack Kerouac's 89th Birthday Celebration
Saturday, March 12: FREE Admission!

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  Boott Cotton Mills Museum Theater
  at the foot of 115 John St.


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Photo by George DeLuca

2 Screenings!






"David Amram: The First 80 years!"

A "sneak preview" of a film by Director Lawrence Kraman
Intros by Wireless Mike Flynn and Paul Marion
Event Producer/Director: George DeLuca
Lowell Celebrates Kerouac and
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No reservations ... open to public to capacity!



  The Back Page Jazz & Blues Club, 15 Kearney Sq.

Photo by Tom Palumbo circa 1956

Jack's 89th

7pm show

Event Full!

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Tonight we celebrate Jack's own definition of "Beat" focusing on Jack's musical journey from Lowell's Moody St. to Harlem, as jazz became a major influence on the mid-20th Century art scene.
  10:30pm-2am "This Song's for You, Jack!"
 No reservations required; capacity limitations apply!
  10:30-11:30pm Singer/Songwriter Amy Black
  11:30pm-1:30am Roots Blues Tribute to
Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Little Walter,
Howlin' Wolf and Etta James
    Starring Dick Lourie (blues sax), Justin Burns (harp), Rick Saunders (bass), Denis Brunelle (lead guitar, piano), Carl Johnson (guitar), Andy Kaknes (percussion), Jason Eisenberg, Alan Crane, Frank Morey (vocal) and Scott Pitman (drums)!



"Jack's Beat!" with David Amram & friends
7-10pm: An evening of words, music and improv with David Amram, Kerouac's first musical collaborator, with guest readers and musicians of the Lowell area.

Join us for this celebration of the Kerouac and Amram collaborations at the Brata Art Gallery involving NYC's first-ever public jazz/poetry readings, and the classic music of the jazz artists of the 40s and 50s who influenced Kerouac's writing.

2011 Honoree:
Roger Brunelle with Intro by John Sampas and
presentation by
Mayor Jim Milinazzo

The UMass Lowell Classical String Trio (my space):
Joyce Pang, Tim Nunes, Adam Nunes

David Amram (piano, flute, whistles, french horn), Allyssa Jones (vocalist), Paul Combs (alto sax),
Andy Kaknes (percussion), Denis Brunelle (guitar) and from Lowell Moonglow Entertainment: Mike Payette (bass) & Charles Langford (tenor sax).

Readings & Reminiscing:
Paul Marion, Meg Smith, Eleni Zohdi, Dick Lourie, Audrey Sprenger (vimeo, blog),
Jason Eisenberg, Alan Crane, Steve O'Connor, Dan Murphy and Richard Rourke.

David Amram Remembers

A NOTE from David Amram

February 6, 2011 - Jack Kerouac grew up in Lowell hearing the jazz masters performing on Moody Street, where all the major artists played during the heyday of jazz in Lowell.

When Kerouac went to New York City to attend Horace Mann and then Columbia University, he began frequenting Harlem and went to Mintons to hear Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker. Because of his Lowell boyhood and exposure to many cultural traditions, he was already tuned in to this new music and its polycultural sophisticated nature.

Kerouac was one of the first writers to understand the relationship of Formality and Spontaneity, and how the  treasures of the Old World, (the classics of Europe) had a relationship to the treasures of the New World (USA jazz, blues, Native and Latin American and Immigrant American musical forms that combined tradition with improvising).

Growing up in Lowell, he had a sense of community, family, the church, the beauty of everyday life and respect for every person who crossed his path; especially people that entered the gyroscope of his life, wherever he went in his endless travels.

He never lost his hometown roots or relinquished his values in order to attempt to be cutting edge or trendy. Like all great artists, he followed his heart and remained true to himself.

Tonight's program celebrates that enduring yea-saying spirit that fills the pages of Jack's books.

The evening also honors today's artists from the greater Lowell area who are all blazing trails of their own, inspired by the same indefinable essence that makes Lowell such a special place today.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with them in Lowell in the same way that I did with Jack in NYC over 50 years ago.

David Amram
Putnam Valley NY

A Production also see Lowell Celebrates Kerouac
March 11 and 12 events & activities
George DeLuca, Producer/Director
Wireless Mike Flynn, Master of Ceremonies
Cliff Whalen, Audio "Jack's Beat!" PROGRAM
will be updated throughout the week!
Special Thanks To:
The Lowell National Historical Park, The Back Page
, Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, UMass Lowell, the performers, readers and Lowell Film Collaborative.

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